5th to 14th July 2019
The Ledbury Fringe Festival takes place between 5th and 14th July this year.
Artists And Performers: If you would like to take part please
Venue Managers: If you would like events to take place in your venue, please contact us via the form on the Venues page.
The Ledbury Fringe runs alongside Ledbury‘s renowned Poetry Festival and offers opportunities to experience the many and various talents of local musicians and other performers. There are always plenty of visitors, all looking for entertainment and The Fringe creates a lively festival atmosphere in our lovely town. What happens during the 10 days is largely up to the musicians and venues, so keep an eye on what‘s happening during the festival.
There will always be published events but also buskers popping up from time to time and occasional surprise events that even we don‘t know about. We try to gather together a few of the events that we do know about to help everyone figure out what‘s going on. Keep up with developments by watching out for updates on this web site.